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Thermal Products Bethlehem Corporation

The Bethlehem Porcupine ® Processor
For drying, cooling, heating. sterilizing, reacting or low-temperature calcining. Cylindrical, recycle or "U"-trough. Utilizes a unique hollow cut-flight agitator. Shortens heat transfer path. Provides "folding action" within the process mass.

Bethlehem’s Thermal Disc ® Processor
Compact, modular design-with hollow disc assemblies-provides efficient internal recycling for economical Cooling, Drying, Heating, Calcining and Sterilizing.

Direct/Indirect Fired Calciner
For heat treatment of powders or granular solids by direct or indirect fired horizontal rotary calcining retorts designed for operating temperatures up to 1,500ºC.

Chill Roll Flakers
Provides the highest flaking capacity per square foot of surface area. Chill roll feed box accepts high temperature melt mix from any high intensity kneader.

Drum Flakers
Converts materials from the molten or liquid state to solid, easily handled flakes in a single operation.

Drum Dryer:
Steam heated drums provide high thermal efficiency in removing water/solvents from a wide range of solutions, slurries and suspensions.

Rotary Louvre Dryer System:
Material passes through a rotating cylinder with a current of tempered air. Louvres give intimate contact between product and drying/cooling air stream. Can be configured for multi-stage drying, or drying and cooling.

Rotary Dryers & Cooler System:
Material passes through a rotating cylinder through which also passes a current of hot air. Lifters or flights fitted to the internal surface of the cylinder lift and cascade the material through the hot air stream.

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