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Direct/Indirect Fired Calciner Bethlehem Corporation

For heat treatment of powders or granular solids by direct or indirect fired horizontal rotary calcining retorts designed for operating temperatures up to 1,500ºC.

Material of Construction:
Direct fired calciners have refractory lined carbon steel retorts with tires and drive gear.
Indirect fired calciners have special alloy steel retorts rotating in high temperature refractory lined furnace.

Minerals, ores, metal oxides, carbon pigments, catalysts

Fixed or variable speed drives

Continuous or batch
Up to 1,150ºC
Elect Gas or Oil-Fired

Standard Sizes:
Available in a range of sizes from 450mm (18 inches) diameter by 3,500mm (11.5 ft) long to 2,000mm (6 ft. 6 in.) diameter by 30m (18 ft) Long.

Immediately Available!
Pre-owned dryers
Save 50% on lead time and cost

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