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Drum Dryer Bethlehem Corporation

Drum Dryer:
Steam heated drums provide high thermal efficiency in removing water/solvents from a wide range of solutions, slurries and suspensions.

Material of Construction:
Main Frames: Heavy duty cast iron or fabricated carbon steel
Drying Drums: High grade cast iron, hard chrome plate, hard chrome/nickel plate on cast iron, stainless steel or custom alloys.

Milk products, baby foods, breakfast cereal, fruit/vegetable pulp, starch, spent yeast, chemicals, biologicals.

Fixed or variable speed drive, conveyors, automatic feed controls, product breakers.

High thermal efficiency.
Steam ratio consumption to evaporation as low as 1.2: 1

18", 28", 36", 48", 53", 78" Diameter
18", 36", 54", 60", 82", 100", 1 20", 8'2", 1 1'6", 14'1", 9'1 0", 13' Length
New, Custom Manufactured to Your Specification,
and Used Drum Dryers Immediately Available.

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