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Automatic Tower Filter Press Bethlehem Corporation


New Automatic Tower Filter Presses
316 SS, 321 SS, Titanium
27, 54, 108, 135, 237, 263, 345 sq. ft.
Complete Systems with PLC Control Panel for Automatic/Semi-Automatic Operation. including. Washing, Pressing, Air Blow Down and Discharge.

7 Reasons to Purchase:
  1. Affordable Price
  2. Fast Return on Investment
  3. Lowest Possible Moisture Content
  4. Best Washing Results
  5. Fully Automatic Operation
  6. Available in a Wide Range of Sizes
  7. Available in a Wide Range of Materials from Stainless Steel to Titanium

Peformance Proven In More Than
5,000 In-Plant Applications

Industrial Applications
Mineral Concentrates, Hydrometallurgy, Industrial Minerals, Filters, Dyes, Pigments, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Waste and More ...

Simple And Reliable Design
Since the invention of the Tower Press in 1955, the key issue in product development has always been to serve filtration processes at mineral, metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, pigment, dye, filler and food industries with simple and reliable design. For more than four decades, Tower Press technology has been the hybrid of the filtration field.

Backed By The Bethlehem Corporation
Now the filtration technology of The Original Automatic Tower Filter Press is teamed with The Bethlehem Corporation's 150+ years' experience in the manufacture and service of heavy processing equipment. The proud result: reliable, cost effective filtration backed by a tradition of customer support and trusted service.

Your Choice Of Construction Materials
We can offer the widest range of construction materials from several stainless steel qualities to titanium to challenge even the toughest corrosive application.
The BETHLEHEM Tower Press can offer lower moisture content and better cake washing than any other type of filter. Operation is fully automatic. Customer technical support is assured with every unit.

Endless Belt Cloth
The filter cloth is an endless belt. Only a traveling, endless belt cloth guarantees the cake discharge. Additional benefits of an endless belt cloth design include:
  • All of the filter cloth is used due to two-sided filtration.
  • Our design incorporates built-in back-washing of the cloth.
  • Due to the traveling cloth, it is simple to wash both sides with water spray.

Horizontal Plate Format
The horizontal plates provide advantages that no other design can offer. For a diagrammatic review of the specific benefits of each of the five process stages, please click HERE.

All Operations Are Fully Automatic. No Operator Needed.
Closing and opening of the filter is actuated by two pistons allowing high speed movement. During the filtration cycles, the filter is mechanically locked by a wedge which leaves the closing system completely unpressurized, providing maximum safety. The slurry inlet, slurry drain, air and wash liquid inlet valves consist of an innovative, patented pinch valve, which provides longer life under abrasive conditions.

Easily Monitored Control Panel
The control panel incorporates a PLC control system and a 12" full color XYCOM display screen which provides a user-friendly interface. All processes can be monitored dynamically by viewing a graphic presentation of the Tower Press operation. Alarm and diagnostic displays clearly pinpoint problems, if any, allowing for quick resolution.

Construction Materials
Depending on service requirements for non-corrosive, corrosive or highly corrosive applications, The Bethlehem Corporation can supply Original Tower Filters made of various types of stainless steel. For highly corrosive applications we are able to supply Original Tower Presses in titanium.

Testing Your Slurry
Our fully equipped test laboratory can provide all the services necessary for proper dimensioning of the filter.
Test facilities are available for laboratory and pilot scale testing. Or we can bring a fully automatic self-contained pilot filtration plant to your premises and connect it directly to your process.

Based on the test, you will receive:

  • A complete report of the test results.
  • Dimensioning of the filter with expected future process parameters.
  • Recommendation of auxiliary equipment needed for your process.

Replacement Parts:
Pressing Diaphragms For Automatic Tower Filters
The replacement bladder is used in automatic press filters for dewatering in continuous processes. The rubber quality of the bladder is chosen to suit the particular working conditions and requirements for resistance to chemicals and wear. We also supply the rubber seals, made of EPDM, for the press filter plate.

Technical Data:

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