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Thermal Disc ® Processor Bethlehem Corporation

Bethlehem’s Thermal Disc ® Processor

Bethlehem’s Thermal Disc Processor

Compact, modular design-with hollow disc assemblies-provides efficient internal recycling for economical:
  • Cooling
  • Drying
  • Heating
  • Calcining
  • Sterilizing

Effective Drying of Coal Fines
Internal back flow of solids-the salient feature of this equipment in drying applications-alters the conveying properties of coal fines.
The result is an effective method of drying tonnage quantities of froth coal, thickener underflow and pond coal at preparation plants; submicron fines at slurry-pipelines terminals; pre-drying feed to coke ovens and coal-conversion installations.

Numerous other applications, including:
Ore concentrates
Organic Salts
Lignin Sulfate
Calcium Carbonate
Rare-Earth Concentrates
Powdered Metal
    Fish Meal
    Alfalfa Meal
    Calcium Carbonate
    Petro Coke
    Reduced Metallurgical Calcines
    Activated Lime
    Sewage Sludge
    Pyrolysis Ash
    Molybdenum Trioxide

The Patented Thermal Disc Processor
  • Low operating costs….very high system efficiencies provide significant fuel savings.
  • High productivity….minimal maintenance and negligible down-time for maximum throughput.
  • Optimum heat-transfer rates…..easily maintained with adjustable rotation speed and adjustable weir.
  • Easy to operate…..built-in automatic safety controls and alarms.
  • Negligible dust emissions, even with fine froth coal.

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