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Rebuild/Remanufacture Centrifuges Bethlehem Corporation


All Centrifuge components are cleaned and/or sandblasted. All bearings and seals are replaced. Basket/Bowl dye penetrant checked for stress cracks.

  • Machine and critical components are realigned when required.
  • Hydraulic system is cleaned and checked out.
  • Repairs made as required.
  • Out of tolerance components are remachined or replaced as required.
  • Drive motor is checked for proper electrical operation and rewound and repaired as required. Bearings are replaced. Recertified for hazardous service if originally supplied With UL label.
  • Basket/Bowl checked for balance and rebalanced when required.
Changes or modifications can be made to suit your requirements.

For further information, call us at (610) 258-7111 or contact us via E-Mail.

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