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Rebuild/Remanufacture Rotary Steam Tube Dryers Bethlehem Corporation


Rotary Steam Tube Dryer is completely disassembled and inspected. All components are cleaned and sandblasted as required

  • Tube bundle is hydrostatically tested.
  • Tubes are replaced as required.
  • Tube bundle heads are repaired as needed on all machined surfaces.
  • Repair/replace damaged structural pads.
  • Repair/replace all bearings and seals.
  • Repair/replace drive parts.
  • Repair/replace plows and scrapers
  • Motors are checked and rewound if needed.
  • Repair/replace electrical wiring and controls.
  • Reassemble unit completely.
  • Paint and test.

    Changes or modifications can be made to suit your requirements.

    Assorted equipment such as pumps, conveyors, tanks and
    mixers can also be included in any rebuilding program.

    For further information, call us at (610) 258-7111 or contact us via E-Mail.

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